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Our Mission Statement:

The Community Relations and Engagement Committee helps promote the positive community policing strategies of Ohio’s law enforcement agencies that are members of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police.  Through collaboration, the committee works to share the excellent programs and strategies of our outstanding members.  The committee will explore new ideas to help bring the “community” closer together with those law enforcement agencies that support peace and safety where they live, work, and play.

Our Vision Statement:

The Community Relations and Engagement Committee will work with willing agencies to excel and build upon their accomplishments to become premier community policing partners.  Constant and consistent effort by Ohio’s professional law enforcement agencies will help bring greater safety and awareness to those we serve.  There are no victories that are too small.  Each step towards transparency and accountability within a police organization will help shape a brighter tomorrow.  We will celebrate excellence and achievements to keep Ohio’s police agencies at the point of the spear in professionalism.

History of the Committee:

The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police approved the formation of a new committee in 2018 named the Community Relations and Engagement Committee.  Past President Brandon Standley was asked to be the committee’ first Chair.  The committee’s membership includes representation from all over Ohio.  This committee was born from the desperate need to share the positive news of our brave heroes on a more consistent basis by being creative.  Further, the committee was needed to help create new relationships with community members and organizations.  Since its inception, the committee has worked with a variety of entities to build a better tomorrow through better communication, education, service, and cooperativeness.

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