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OACP communications and advertising options are for employment opportunities, trainings and other law enforcement related announcements.  OACP STATS show a very high precentage from Ohio law enforcement target, utilizing OACP social media methods within 12-48 hours following our broadcasts, web posts, facebook and twitter announcements!

Information for Members and Non-members

  • BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS: (includes announcement on OACP & LEF Facebook & Twitter)
    • Member rate:  $175 per Broadcast
    • Non-member rate:  $225
    • Email broadcast goes out individually to over 800+ law enforcement officials across the state of Ohio, members of our association
    • For employment announcements & trainings we also send to STEP, PELC & CLEE graduates (over 4000+)
  • WEB SITE POSTINGS AT WWW.OACP.ORG: (includes announcement on OACP Facebook & Twitter)
    • Member rate:  $200 per posting
    • Non-member rate:  $250
    • Announcement will be posted at
      • under Employment Opportunities
      • or Other Trainings

NOTE:  Choosing both the Web Posting and the Broadcast ensures you reach a larger audience.


Choosing both the Web Posting and the Broadcast ensures you reach a larger audience.

      • Broadcasts reach over 800 law enforcement officials (and could include STEP, PELC & CLEE graduates, over 4000+)
      • Web Postings reach all those who are directed to our site and/or searching on our site or the internet.
      • OACP Facebook and Twitter are included if applicable
      • Work is typically completed within 2-3 days after receipt/review of the announcement information
      • Information can be sent electronically (i.e., MS Word, PDF, etc…) to
      • An electronic invoice will be emailed upon completion of the work and can be sent back in with CHECK payment

Additional information for announcements regarding employment opportunities

Please include the following statements to Employment Opportunity Announcements:

      • (BLANK) only considers as acceptable those degrees from degree granting institutions approved by one of two nationally recognized accredited organizations; either the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education.
      • Because of the public records laws in Ohio, the identity of applicants and application materials cannot be considered to be confidential.
      • (BLANK) is an equal opportunity

Employment Statements (download required statements)

OACP Advisory Services

OACP also offers Assessment Centers, Management Reviews and Written Promotional Examinations. For more information CLICK HERE!

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