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Daily Training Bulletins

OPOTA has assigned CPT numbers to the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police for Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletins.

Your agency is responsible for delivering the appropriate content in its entirety, pursuant to the requirements outlined in the OAC, with the hours your agency has attested to, in order to ensure that the lesson plan indicated will be conducted in its full capacity.

If you do not have a policy that references a daily training bulletin that has been released, we suggest adding this to that DTB or emailing your staff informing you are releasing a few DTB’s that you currently do not have polices.

“This DTB is based upon LEXIPOL master policy content that does not currently exist in our manual, but it presents information that may be valuable to our personnel”.

April Daily Training Bulletins (Lexipol) (1 general hours) – course number 24CPT522

March Daily Training Bulletins – LEXIPOL (1 general hour) – course number 24CPT407

(Access the DTB through your LEXIPOL software.)

If you have questions, contact: thomas.vaughn@oacp.org