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Mentoring Program For New Chiefs

Program Mission – To assist new or newly appointed chiefs of police in transitioning to a successful tenure in their new agencies.

Program Purpose – To facilitate a smooth transition for new police chiefs as they seek to provide leadership for their new agency.   Critical tasks for new chiefs require influencing the tasks, the people, and the organizational structures and processes so that they are consistent with each other and with the agency environment.  Sensitivity to new policies, traditions, labor units, and appointing authorities is paramount and can be difficult terrain for a new chief, or a previous police chief moving into a new state or geographical region, or different size agency.


Only Active OACP Members can be mentors. Visit the Members only site to learn more.

Program Procedures

Initial Contact

  1. The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) will be notified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) when information is received of a new chief or transferring police chief in the State of Ohio.
  2. The OACP will send the new or transferring chief an informational packet of services provided by the OACP to include information on the New Chief Mentoring Program. The new chief will also be notified of a provisional 6-month membership in the OACP if they are not a current Active member.
  3. The OACP will send the information of the new chief to the OACP District Representative and the Chairperson of the OACP Professional Services Committee.

Assignment of a Mentor

  1. If a police chief requests the assistance of a New Chief Program Mentor either from the District Representative or any member of the Professional Services Committee, they will be provided a list of mentors who have been vetted by the Professional Services Committee. This information will include the size, complexity, and general nature of the mentor’s agency to assist the chief in finding a mentor who closely matches his anticipated needs and issues.
  2. The Professional Services Committee Chairperson will ensure that the chief and his selected mentor have made contact and are communicating with each other.
  3. The extent, duration, and complexity of the mentor/chief relationship will be the mutual decision of the requesting chief and the mentor.

If you are interested in the New Chief Mentoring Program please contact the OACP office at 614-761-0330.