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Assessment Centers

OACP offers 3 different types of Assessment Centers: 1) Standard; 2) Full-Service or 3) Village & Townships*. These can always be modified as necessary for the specific needs of each department including the addition of additional consulting services.

Please contact Program Director, Mallory Murphy, at mallory.murphy@oacp.org or 614-761-4618 to inquire about timelines and fees.


The standard is our most common service and every Assessment Center is unique and relevant to your department, not a “one size fits all” approach. A panel of 3 Advisory Services consultants conducts Assessment Centers for positions of corporal through chief. An Assessment Center is a structured process that evaluates the ability of candidates to perform skill sets normally associated with effective performance in the target job. Assessment Centers are conducted by trained, experienced, executive-level law enforcement consultants. Because Assessment Centers use real-life situations, they provide accurate information regarding the candidate’s potential job performance. After the Assessment Center the Client will receive a Final Report containing a breakdown of the candidates’ scores and dimensions.


Includes all the amenities of the Standard Assessment Center but we handle the entire promotional process from managing and receiving the applications through holding the Assessment Center. An experienced law enforcement consultant will screen and rank applications against client qualifications, discuss the top candidates with the Client to determine who to invite to Assessment Center, and notify Candidates of their status in the application process.

Village and Township*

A streamlined Assessment Center designed to be affordable for the unique needs of villages and townships with a population of 5,000 or less.

Breakdown of Included Services for each type:

Standard Full Service Village & Township*
Broadcast of Position Announcement Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost
Receive and Manage Returned Job Applications X
Screening and Ranking of Applications X
Pre-Assessment Meeting X X X
Job Task Assessment X X X
Assessment Center X X X
Role Playing Exercise X X Additional Cost
Scoring/Final Report Compilation X X X

Add on Service

  • Broadcast of Position Announcement – Broadcast communications of the position announcement includes announcements on OACP website, Facebook & Twitter social media accounts and an email broadcast to over 950 law enforcement officials across the state of Ohio, that are members of our association. We also email the position announcement to over 2000 STEP, PELC & CLEE graduates.

*Village & Township option only available for those with a population of 5,000 or less